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5 Important Things You Should Know About Formal Men Clothing

In the current world men have become very much sensible to what they are wearing. They have even turn into experimental with formal dresses. Those days are gone when men's formal shirts and Jeans For Men would be option between some lighter shades of patterns and colors. The 'one-fits-all' dresses for men is long gone as there are lots of patterns and shades for men to select from. To look good a man has to be very choosy with the dresses he sports. Option of formal shirts completely depends of the event, time, meetingand place one is planning to visit. One has to put special care to detail to steal the show. Here we are discussing about five things which every man must know if it comes to selecting formal shirts from WINGS Store.

  1. It Must Fit You

It is the vital criteria when it comes to selecting not just shirts but other dressing for men. Tailor made shirts are perfect, but as men purchase shirts from retail shops it is crucial to purchase ones that perfectly fits. Select among the regular fit, slim fit, and pouch fit as per on your body shape. Also keep in mind the fit and the size can also differ from one brand to another brand and accordingly you should make your choice. Stay away from shirts that are too long or too short if it comes to formal clothing.

  1. Say No To Floral Prints

There is not something wrong with floral prints but just they do not fall under the formal dress for men. In its place you can opt for small checks and stripes that are available in different shades at WINGS store. You must match the design and pattern in your shirt with the blazers and pants that you would put along.

  1. Day Against Evening Wear

To looksmart, you have to separate your evening clothing from the ones that you don throughout the day. Lighter shades of cotton shirts look good throughout day time while evenings are made for darker patterns and shades. Even, you can try silky shirts throughout the evening as they look best under artificial lights.

  1. Stay Away from Formal Pants and shirts of The Same Color

It is one of the most common mistakes that some men make and you must stay away from wearing formal pants and shirt of the same color. Except the color matching is best the combination can look extremely odd. Making a contrast between the pant and shirt is an age-oldstyle that holds well till date.

  1. Check Policies of the Company

If it comes to professional life you have to be very careful with the formal shirts that you want to wear. Some Men's Clothing Store have strict policies for formal clothing and you have to make sure that your dress matches the code. There are some companies that bar workers from wearing dark and check shades to work.